A young mind is like a clay. It can be molded into any shape desired by its master craftsman


Blessed is the man who comes across a guru who can tap into one’s iceberg of potential. Greatness is not visible externally; It lies within. A great guru with igneous thoughts could polish ordinary pebbles into pearls of wisdom and share them with the world.

For me that Guru is my MOM, I learnt life lessons from her, from the wisdom that shine through in her conversations, lunches, dinners, travels, discussions and the occasional arguments. My deepest regards to her for the values she instilled in me and I learnt from her at every step of our time together  

This site is a tribute to all such exemplary teachers who transform our lives forever and showed us who we truly are.

Their influence continues to resonate with people we meet in our lives and in all walks of our lives.