The Eyes Of Desire

She is a woman of faith
The song of one love
At times, she was just a flower
At others, just fire.
To winds, she would say
I can change your direction
To dreams, she would Say
I will turn you into reality
To desire, she would say
I am your fellow traveller
I will walk alongside you; no matter
How far you set your destination
I will never tire
To life, she would say
I will adorn you
To human beings, she would say
Love other human beings
Beautify earth a little now
Trough God’s love
The eyes which harbour dreams
The heart nurture desires
The arms that have strength
The lips that can speak
I will continue to live
Under the shadow of God’s love
She is a very strange woman.
Who knows what her eyes were seeking
Her kindness is an ocean,
Which knows no bounds.


My dear sister,This poem is dedicated to you. 🙂

– Rashi Adhana



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