Throw You Under the Bus

This is an expression frequently used in American English in informal contexts. When you throw your friend under the bus, you betray him; in order to save yourself from the trouble you are in, you sacrifice him. Be careful. Rajiv will throw you under the bus when you stop being useful to him. The media have accused President Trump of throwing several of his top advisers under the bus. Advertisements Continue reading Throw You Under the Bus

Which Is The Correct Plural Spelling?

Referenda & Referendums     Definition: a public vote on a particular issue Latin has given English a sizable portion of its vocabulary, and one of the reasons that so many of our words are descended from that language is that they have entered our tongue at a number of distinct points. Some, such as butter, date back to the Roman invasion of Britain. Others came to us in the middle ages, from the Norman Conquest. Others still did not arrive until the 19th century, often as part of an expanding scientific vocabulary. Referendum is one of those late arrivals, initially used to describe a vote … Continue reading Which Is The Correct Plural Spelling?

French Presidential Elections and the Busting of the Right Wing Myth

France’s presidential elections viz. the electing of Emmanuel Macron’ is being touted as the saviour of the liberal democratic tradition, and the buster of the recently formulated myth. The myth that the right wing ideology has been sweeping the globe with the rise of the extremists.  To the people unaware of the news, Emmanuel Macron became France’s youngest president, and it’s youngest head of the state after Napolean Bonaparte, by defeating Marine Le Pen’s Front National. Macron’s election campaign was an interesting take on the issue of right and the left wing, wherein, he portrayed himself and his party as … Continue reading French Presidential Elections and the Busting of the Right Wing Myth

One Nightmare

Again it happened. I fell down from my bed last night. I had a nightmare. I don’t know what it was. It was a beautiful world, full of vivid colors. It had so many astonishing things. But there was one thing that attracted my attention. It was a sort of beast. A dragon. It was sleeping quietly, but I troubled it. I think that was the reason, it chased me. Actually, it killed the person who was with me. Some random person. But it didn’t kill me and I escaped. At least I didn’t get myself killed this time. Then … Continue reading One Nightmare

Are You VIP

Are you a VIP person? May be or may be not. But in India this word is no more. Last month the Indian government made a decision to curb Red/Blue beacon vehicle that has enhanced the feeling of inequality among the society. Someone who is considered as VIP or VVIP , seemed to be a person that is liable to get some specific amenities. Was the step right that has been taken? Can banning the Red beacon vehicle will reduce the VIP culture? I think no. Red or Blue beacon vehicle doesn`t show the VIP culture. This can be seen … Continue reading Are You VIP

The North Korea Threat – War Against America

IN BRIEF North Korea is a “small country, far-away, about which we know little,” to paraphrase a fateful comment in defense of appeasement from the 1938 crisis over Czechoslovakia. But there is one thing every American needs to know about far-away North Korea: its rulers are on a methodical and relentless quest for the capability to hit America with nuclear weapons. The nuclear campaign that North Korea is planning against the United States is one it intends to win. It is formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK. Washington is badly unprepared to meet this threat, because too … Continue reading The North Korea Threat – War Against America

Was He A Good Guy?

There was a boy who was well behaved and intelligent. He liked to do different things every day. But one day, the situation was not favorable. He was taken from his family by a terrorist group and the family got threatened. The boy wasn’t aware of what was happening. Right after the abduction, they started training him along with other boys of the same fate. They were trained like robots. Brainwashing them, no books and no pencils. The only thing they possessed was ammunitions. They lost their childhood life. All of them. But that single boy was a bit different. … Continue reading Was He A Good Guy?

Triple Talaq is a black spot on women dignity

The one of oldest civilization(Indus valley civilization) of the world that was used to worship woman, is now facing the severe problem on women`s dignity in the form of Triple Talaq. A land that has been famous for its religious diversity, is now in the fist of religious rigidness. The minority women in India are facing the problem of Triple Talq. Triple Talaq is a process in muslim community in which a husband can give divorce to his wife just by chanting word “Talaq” three times. This is something like their marriage ritual where husband gives his accent three times … Continue reading Triple Talaq is a black spot on women dignity

Why naming cities after airport is a bad idea? (Pun)

Originally posted on The Boring bug:
The scourge of renaming streets, avenues, alleys, and cities is not unprecedented, neither is the idea of renaming an airport. However, what is unprecedented is renaming an entire city after an airport. To rename the airport of a city, you could just rename the city? It is trite to say that there is no absolute protection against such extreme reclassification. In the present political world, the airports in the cities are named and classified after political personalities, celebrities, freedom fighters or on the basis of local political history. In order to elude any naming… Continue reading Why naming cities after airport is a bad idea? (Pun)

The Force of Character

On a river, a frog and a scorpion meet. The Scorpio would like to go to the other side of the river. Since he can not swim, he asks the frog who sits at the edge of the road to take him to the other shore.

How am I supposed to do that? Asks the frog. Quite simply, the scorpion replies. I sit on your back and you swim over. No! Says the frog, I would be pretty silly! You’ll stab me in the back and I’ll die. Why should I stab you in the back, asks the Scorpio. When we swim in the river, and I stab you, you will die and perish, and I will die with you, because I shall perish as well. I can not be interested in that. Right, says the frog, you’re right.

And he allows the scorpion to sit down on his back. In the immediate vicinity of the other Continue reading “The Force of Character”

Defence: As good As Attack

  It is said that to attack is the best defence. However, when everyone will attack then it is for sure that no one will survive.  The world has become more turbulent and unstable in 21st century. With some rogue nations such as Pakistan and North Korea acquiring nuclear capabilities made the world a dangerous place to be in. Everyone knows how dangerous a nuclear bomb could be. Developing a weapon of mass destruction was easy, yet to have a defence from this danger is elusive dream. North Korea is in limelight since a year or so for all bad reasons. … Continue reading Defence: As good As Attack