Human beings are emotional. These strong feelings are controlled by your mind and body altogether. Feelings which are so powerful that you can’t hinder them bursting out of your face. The output of these is powerful enough to make you do anything as if you have consumed a magical potion. No matter what you do, you can’t control them. For example, a man is happy now for some reason. Happiness is an emotion. The architecture of his face is different now for obvious reasons. That is what that emotion does. Now, he is so happy that he makes a promise which he can’t keep. Everyone has done that. You decided to do that just because you were happy.  


The same thing happens when you are sad and it is worse folks. Trust me. It is way worse than making any decision when you are super happy. I’m not interested in happiness because nowadays, it is very rare and only a few of us possess it. Either people are sad or pseudo-happy. The choices you make is what lead you. And being miserable creatures, we always make choices when we are sad or hurt. Stop right here if you haven’t done that. You decide to break the relationship after a fight, you decide to pull out your money when stocks go down, you decide to stop talking when you are hurt, you decide to stop eating when you fail at something, you decide to stop singing when someone criticizes you and a lot of other choices. 


Emotions are really impressive because they reflect your mood. It’s always good to show emotions to your loved ones. But sometimes, they are destructive. They weaken you when you need to be strong. You must make a mental blueprint of what you are willing to achieve and there should be no room for emotions. Your empire must be sympathetic but never let your emotions drive you. Emotions look good in parties and bed. Not in business. And here, everyone has a business to do. The definition is different but the value is the same.  

Redefine emotions for yourself. Everyone is different. Everyone feels differently. 

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Women And The Society

Have you heard men talking about the driving skills of women? I have. A number of times. It’s not the mindset. It’s the lack of knowledge that those who say have. No point in arguing with them. My mom drives too. And she doesn’t care.

People who dare to do extraordinary things will keep doing, no matter what others say.

Blaming others is one of the characteristics of human beings. It is in our nature to blame and criticize those who are inferior to us. They think women are inferior. As a matter of fact, the whole universe can prove that the possessed thinking of this society is merely a false belief.

Truly speaking, if you can create things, then you can destroy them too. And the same applies to women. Their behaviors are so wonderful and vivid that one can be lost in the woods of their thoughts.

You don’t need an infinite series of trigonometric functions which is pretty periodic in nature and doesn’t make any sense because it is infinite with the periodicity to understand them. Their behaviors are like arithmetic functions which are cool and simple. But one can misunderstand this by thinking that having simple things is not the nature of them which again proves that the simplicity is the best choice.

Shopping is what they like. I honestly and heartedly admit that. It is not the things that attract them, it is the culture which they find at those places. And we, men, get bored and frustrated easily because that culture is invisible to us. Fortunately, the universe gives us the same culture in other things. That’s why some of us like molesting women and worse, …

It is absolutely unwise to say that men are different from women. Their behaviors may be, but the true nature lies within each of them. The society calls it humanity which is unwillingly called because it wants to prove that it is good.

It would be improper if the society is blamed though it should be because of not the acts but of the belief system. A society which has humans in the form of men and women but no humanity in any form. But the truth is, the truth is hidden. And we all seek it every day. That truth is unattainable. That truth is built on the foundation of lies. The lies that we say to ourselves every day. But we, together, can forge wonderful things that this universe is yet to see.

No need to seek that truth. Discover one simple fact and that is, women are just wonderful. 

At last, we are the society.


A Father

In a small town, there is a man lives with his little daughter. Every day, he escorts her to her school and she looks back at him after entering the gate and gives a charming smile. That smile makes his day complete. And he goes back to his work.

He takes his blazer, shirt, and pant off and gets dressed again for his work. He works till afternoon and goes to receive his little daughter from school. He gets lunch for her and leaves her at the home. He continues his work till the sun stops showing up. He goes back to his daughter and spends time with her.

One day, the daughter asks him, “Why do you wear the same blazer and pant daily, papa?” He looks at her, smirks and says, “Because this blazer keeps me motivated and reminds me to pick you up every day and this pant, it is stitched by some serious designers who gifted me.” She laughs and asks again, “How does it motivate you, papa?” He replies, “It shows an image of yours, smiling at me.” She says, “Oh, wonderful! Take care of this blazer then. I reside in it. Hahaha…” 

Well, this seems like a normal story in which a father loves her daughter. Now, let’s check his father’s wardrobe. There was no other blazer. You just read that he would get lunch for her daily. He never got it for himself. He would go to work and get redressed for his job. He was working in a construction site at which he would carry kilos of bricks. And the best part is, the daughter didn’t know about it. 

You don’t have to wear a uniform or costume or save a city to become a real hero.



The Latent Power of Negative Thinking

How many times have you been told to realize the power of positive thinking?

Of course. Many times. And it’s really good. It gives that extra strength you need. But things don’t go according to the plans you make. Stop reading it here if you don’t admit it. Things just don’t go right. But still, we tame the positive thinking as if it’s going to work. No. Never. It will never… I bet my life on it.

Negative Thinking is Good.

Negative thinking is not what comes into your mind at the first moment you hear the word. It doesn’t degrade you. It does no harm. But people don’t value it. They see it as a means of destruction which is absolutely false. 

When you have a plan A and you believe in it but somewhere inside you says it might work. You got a doubt and start making plan B. This is not negative thinking, idiots. You just thought other ways to make it happen. That’s it. You give born negative thinking when you believe it won’t work and don’t do anything to make it work. 

So, next time if you are doing a project, think out ways it can fail. Rethink and work.

Fail again. Think again. Work again. One day, you will find the best way.



Do What You Love; A False Advice

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

                                                                                                                                  – David Frost

No wonder if I recommend you to do what you love. That’s what all of us recommend, right? A man who says his kid to follow rules to get a job, recommends the same. And a man who says his kid to do what he wants, recommends the same. Jeff Bezos recommends the same, and a family friend who came to my house was recommending me to get a job said the same.

One advice, ladies, and gentlemen but different forms. Bullshit! 

Let’s check this out. The very last thing you touch while leaving your house for your work is your door. Have you ever felt it? Absolutely not. Because you are so stressed and focused on what you are going to do and ignore what you have now. You forget the present. You forget to see the story behind the door. You don’t relate the emotion. Man, that door says goodbye every time you leave your place. You don’t love your door. You don’t love what you see on the way. And you try to love others (humans). Bullshit again!

I implore you to spend some time with someone who does what he/she loves. This kind of humans are really impressive but also hard to find. They just don’t love what they do, they attach emotions to everything. They love their diet plans, they love people they meet, they love their beds, they love their cups of coffee, they love their vehicles. And the reason behind this is some years back, they didn’t have anything.

Love small things. Love what you are experiencing now. It could be the screen which you are looking at or you can love my words (no issues from my side).

Love is an emotion. Emotions come from the heart. Don’t confuse your mind with heart.

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Goodbye, folks!




The Reality About Humans

There is a gazelle, enjoying the daylight. But a leopard is focused on it. The chase begins. And I’m damn sure that the gazelle will run as fast as it can to enjoy it’s tomorrow. The gazelle runs as fast as it possibly can. And the leopard does the same. It runs as fast it can. You never heard of a leopard running slow to catch its prey. And you never heard of a gazelle running slow to outrun its predator.

There is a tree, sending its roots to the deepest, expanding its branches as far as it can. It doesn’t stop till it reaches its limit. And if it doesn’t, it keeps growing. You never heard of a half-grown tree.

The point which is to be noticed is either they are animals or trees. And they reach their fullest limits. They don’t have clothes to wear, don’t hang out with other beings at a coffee shop, don’t listen to music, don’t have mentors and aren’t trained. But still, they keep growing until they reach a level of saturation. 

There is a human who wakes up daily and knows that he/she is not doing what it takes. A human. We, humans, have every kind of comfort but a few of us do what it takes. This doesn’t happen in the case of gazelles or trees. This happens to us. The superior class of living being on this planet.

_One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters._.jpg


Learn to see deeper in yourself than you do in others.



Learning: More Than A Process

I’m learning more than what I expected 4 years ago. It’s really true that I know what I’m doing and what I’m creating every day. I would love to talk about what I do and more than that, I would love to hear what kinds of amazing things you do. Great things need great work and above that, they need patience.

Do great things exist?

No. They never did and never will. If you really feel that your smartphone is one of the greatest things you can possess, then let me tell you that it was once someone else’s dream which came true. Those dreamers worked not for a great thing but for their visions which they believed in. If you really think that you are doing great things, then you are already retired. Do it first and let people call it a great thing. Never claim that you are changing the society unless you have really changed it. Great things don’t exist. It’s the perception of people around you. Look at a kid who is 4 years old and paints a picture of a village scene. It may look odd to you since you are grown up but it is a great piece of art for him. 

Credit: Pixabay

 How to create great things?

If you had understood my points, then you would have stopped reading this. But it’s the human brain which wants to explore more. That’s natural. And we always seek ways to do things easily which leads us down all the time. No shortcuts, folks. There is no way to create great things. I don’t know. All I know is you just need to love what you do. 

Should you listen to me?

Credit: Pixabay

I would be happy but nobody cares. So, you must learn one thing every day. One thing which takes you one level up. Learn every day. And when you have learned something, go back and help someone learn. Then proceed. Learn again. Help again.  I would like to leave you with this.

What did you learn yesterday?


 Have a great day, folks!  




My Lifestyle

I’ve spent a number of months thinking about my lifestyle which I had and it was bullshit. I would eat junk food daily, very less exercise, would spend a lot of time with people who didn’t give a shit about if I called them at midnight, no productivity and …


And then I realized whatever I did was connected to my mind. I thought that’s why I did. I didn’t watch any inspirational video or listen to a life-changing speech, it is my mind which is responsible for what I am. The very first thing I tried to change and succeeded was my lifestyle. I stopped eating junk food first. I learned how to cook vegetables. Thanks to my mom and dad, especially, my dad. I learned how to talk, thanks to me, I learned how to treat others, thanks to me, I learned when to exercise and how to, thanks to me, and apart from all these habits, I learned how to find happiness. Thanks to me again.

It’s not easy but it is valuable. You will definitely enjoy new things once you start to change your lifestyle. For an example, you don’t take shower daily and don’t care about your body. You don’t give a shit about your health and one day, you happen to meet a model and you want to date her. Models are pretty inspirational. They take care of everything, even the style of the bedsheet. So, it would be very difficult for you to date her because her lifestyle is totally different from yours. And you don’t have to change our lifestyle for others if you have a good one. But if you have a poor lifestyle and need to meet someone who has a better lifestyle, it would be better if you look at your habits. I didn’t change my lifestyle for any model, I changed it because of the type of work I do.

Try to approach people who are better than you. Trust me, it will help a lot.    

I’m in a good shape today. I function more than I ever imagined. I don’t eat junk food, I reduced the consumption of chocolates (I miss them) too and take care of calories I take. I talk to right people. My habits are changed. It’s not about being yourself, it’s about being the best version of yourself. 

Habits make a good lifestyle and a good lifestyle reflects the character. 

And yes, I found my happiness in my work. I just love to make things. Creative things… 

I love this game.

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Question Paper: A Friend or Foe

Just spent another ‘fancy’ day. Actually, I decided to skip my test today and decided to work on my things. I came from the gymnasium, ate oatmeal breakfast and was about to take shower and all of a sudden my mom called me. And I answered ‘accidentally’. She asked me about my exam and I was damn sure my ‘annoying’ sister encouraged her to do that. I had to say that I was skipping my test. And despite getting angry with me, she inspired me to take the test and I swear that was the unhealthiest inspiration I ever got. Kidding…

Do you hate examinations_ Let's sit together and write the history. (1).jpg

So, I went to take that shit. I sat there without any preparation and got the question paper. It contained 8 questions and I had to answer 5 questions out of them. My aim was to answer any 3 of them in order to pass. So, I chose 3 of them and look at the beauty of the question paper, those 3 questions which I chose had the same answer but they were differently framed. A guy like me decides to spend his day with things he loves and suddenly someone important inspires him to do what he dislikes and gets a question paper in which he knows only one answer. How can he clear the test?

But I answered this time. It happened to me before. Two questions which were different but had a common answer. So, I had written the answer to one question and wrote this to another one ‘Please refer to answer 4 (a) for the better explanation.‘. I got zero. But I didn’t do it today. So, I did ctrl+C and ctrl+V and came back. I’m failing again.

So, this is how life plays with me.

Do you hate examinations_ Let's sit together and write the history. (2).jpg

Despite these shits, I’m the luckiest because I know my shit. I run it. I rule it. I always find joy in these kinds of stupid situations which are arisen by the human beings only. We are so busy with jobs which we really hate that we forget to have a look at the things which we like. Maybe, you liked painting when you were in the school and now you are working for a firm which you don’t like because you think painting doesn’t kill the hunger. You make a shit mental blueprint of your shit thinking. For me, the luckiest ones are those who transform their hobbies into their profession. 

Do you hate examinations_ Let's sit together and write the history. (4).jpg

Exams aren’t bad as long as we find other ways to get employed. When we find them, it will be demolished. But the education will remain the same. And whenever it comes to choose between education and examination, gladly choose education.

And always remember

it is a fool who scores high and doesn’t know that a generator doesn’t generate anything.

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Have Visions, Not Goals

Another beautiful day in this beautiful polluted city. Doesn’t matter. The beauty is the beauty. I never liked the smell of a cigarette. It sucks. I just hate the smokes. But I never hated smokers. And there are smokers who always try to quit smoking because they feel it kills. Even your vehicle is a 1.3-ton killing machine then why do you use it daily?

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash

Smokers always seek ways to quit smoking and I call them ‘Shit Smokers’ because they set the goal every time, not the vision. Please allow me to simplify this simple shit. For a smoker, the goal is to quit smoking because it is injurious to health. But a ‘Visionary Smoker’, he/she doesn’t think of setting any goal shit. In spite of that, he/she builds a mental picture of effects of smoking. He/she doesn’t think of himself/herself. He/she thinks of things around him/her. So, when he/she has this clear vision of why he/she should quit smoking, he/she gets the meaning which is provided by the vision. That’s why I call them ‘Visionary Smokers’. Do you not trust me? No problem. Talk to people who have quit smoking.

Is there any point in having life goals?

For me, no. Goals are just there to give you a certain direction. For an example, you are the captain of a pirate ship and you just saw an island. Will you sail your ship to the island? Before sailing, a well-experienced captain examines the vicinity of the target island, ensures the safeguard of his lads, then he proceeds. Even if he wants to attack a big fat ship, he trails it. He makes plans and has visions of what his ship is going to achieve. Pirates prioritize the things which should be looted first. If they have only the goal, the goal of looting that fat ship, even they attack her, they would not be knowing what to take first and will be discovered by more enemies. And the most beautiful thing about pirates is, they are always hungry.

Credit: Pixabay

Try to have visions, not goals. For a visionary human, goals are everywhere. Try to think hard and whatever you are going to do must have some meaning. Visions give birth to goals and the vice-versa is not possible. Always make a mental blueprint for your next step. And there are no shortcuts. Like pirates, you have to trail if you want to loot a big shit.

Don’t worry, the fat ship is coming.

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A Risk-Taker’s Tale

This had taken place years ago when there were no telephones, no satellites, no other gizmos. There was a peaceful village on the other side of the hill. The flora and fauna were flourishing with no hindrance. The farms were green. Everyone was happy for the weather. The river was full of water with a plenty of fishes. There was only one thing which separated the green from the blue, the horizon.


Everything has an ending, even the happiness. The weather started to change. The rate of downpour got reduced. Humidity started to decrease. The river started to dry. Animals started to die slowly. Crops were losing their strength. And after a couple of months, there was very less sign of greenery. Villagers were praying for the rain. They discovered a simple fact and that was their ending was near. But one boy wasn’t praying. He didn’t bow his head down like others. 


He decided to go out of his village. He asked his parents to come but they already accepted the fate. But he didn’t. He knew that he would not last for more than 28 days if he traveled. But he took the risk. The biggest risk. He took his things, said goodbye to his sleeping parents and left the village.

The journey was tough. More than he imagined. His food and water were getting consumed. After 30 days, he started to faint. The scorching land was giving him the feeling of water. But he didn’t care. After an hour, he was on his knees. He came so far and there was no going back. Either he chose to die or keep going. He chose to go forward. I don’t know what it was which was keeping him alive. After a while, he got a sniff of something pleasurable. He saw a narrow river. Then some rabbits. Then some birds. Then a herd deer. He rushed toward the river with full force and jumped into it. He drank the water as if it was the nectar from heaven. He took rest, carried a lot of water and edible plants with himself and went back. 

But it was too late. 

Take risks, folks.

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Are They Magicians?

There are moments come when I just sit back and don’t do anything. Trust me, it motivates me. So, one evening, I was admiring some beautiful things about our universe and saw a girl who was more beautiful than the setting sun. She went away like clouds. All of a sudden, my mind started seeking the things which make girls really impressive. I found a lot of things, trust me. But still, I felt our society needed some changes because these creatures (female humans) are wonderful creations.

Let’s leave my bullshit feelings there and get to the main points. Two types of humans live on this Blue planet. Male and female. The size of a female human’s processing unit is smaller than a male’s one. But still, female humans have better communication skills and emotional intelligence than male humans. But some people still believe female humans should not be educated or be authorized to drive. 

Female humans can do multitasking easily while male humans get frustrated if they do the same. But still, some humans want ‘baby boys’. 

Female humans tend to avoid any kind of physical aggression, male humans fail to do so. But still, male humans feel that female humans are weaker than them.

Female humans cry more than male humans in a year. That’s why I recommend male humans to make them happy.

Female humans have 2 times more sensitive skin than male humans. Is that why male humans rape them?

Female humans speak about 20,000 words a day, way more than male humans. Please, team up with ladies. It will help you win any sort of battles.

Female humans are good at remembering faces. I always forget faces and names too.

Folks, they are good in almost all fields. And male humans still want to dominate them. Can they? This society needs some serious changes. 

A Personal Advice:

If you are a male human and believes you can outperform them, kindly team up and build a beautiful society. Spread happiness. 

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The Wrong World

It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, you can’t run from the truth. Our world is very wonderful. Like,

  • It is not considered appropriate to hug tightly or kiss a girl/boy whom you love openly because they are just making love freely. They must do all these things in closed rooms because people don’t feel comfortable around them. But people don’t care if they see a street fight. lo
  • Girls who wear less clothing because they like it and help others are considered as characterless or moreover, sluts. And those men who wear full clothes and make false promises are considered as leaders.There is a prostitute who spends her money and time 3 times a week with orphans and disabled kids to spread happiness. And there is a lady who sits in an air-conditioned room and is corrupted..jpg
  • This is a world where the virginity is considered as a sign of purity, not the character. sup.jpg
  • This is a world where we need certificates to prove our caste but I don’t believe we have any certificate for any sort of religion.rel.jpg
  • This is a world where nobody supports those who walk against the wrong system.Why do people want less corrupted systems_.jpg
  • This is a world where the intelligence is determined by some numbers. 96 out of 100 is excellent and 31 out of 100 is very poor though both of them are just real numbers.uncharted (1).jpg
  • This is a world where people feel free and cool to buy cigarettes or alcohols but don’t want to buy condoms/ sanitary napkins openly.uncharted (2).jpg
  • This is a world where they praise the false gods and ignore the inner values of living beings.uncharted (3).jpg
  • This is a world where poor, filthy clothed people aren’t allowed in sacred places though everyone was created same.hbhj.jpg
  • This is a world where the traditions can’t be changed, no matter how claptrap they are. Every generation is smarter than the old one. That’s why kids know about smartphones more than any 40 years old guy. Kids tend to ignore things which they feel absurd and boring. Their dreams are different and powerful. Then,

why do we want them to live the way we want to?

And folks the best thing is, people still have a hope of a better world but don’t want to do anything about it.

I’m working on it. Are you?

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My Miserable Generation

We are living in a world where the sunset looks more beautiful on social media than on the horizon. Thanks to a lot of filters.

Social networking sites are very wonderful. They are so wonderful that ‘pseudo-modern people’ use them for various bullshit purposes. When a teen feels down, he/she texts to his/her friends like Hi!, Hi!, Heya!, Hey!, Hi!, and… And then he/she expects someone to text back. If no one does it in 15 minutes, he/she gets upset heavily. And if someone does it, maybe another miserable teen on the other side who was waiting for someone to text him/her, he/she feels like he/she has achieved a great thing today. Many of you wouldn’t admit it because it is in our nature not to accept the truth easily. Look at the motion of fingers when someone passes by. Their heads are down and thumbs move rapidly as if they are hacking someone’s bank account with two thumbs.


No. It is not the fault of gizmos around us. It is the fault of people around us. From the public transport to a public park, everyone does the same. And kids learn from them and then they copy. Nowadays, friends influence us more than our parents. 

Look around yourself, folks. What have you done? Teens are dying from alcohol, drug overdose, and depression. The suicide rate is increasing every year. And the root cause is their low self-esteem. They are considered stupid when they can’t solve a couple of problems in the classroom. Parents, friends, teachers, and relatives compare them every time. And nobody gives a shit. It has become a bullshit tradition. 

And the only way to change this is changing your damn mindset. Look, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t start Facebook to make people stupid. He started so that everyone can stay connected, anyone can grow his/her business, anyone can meet exciting and like-minded people every day, anyone can showcase what he/she is doing and other valuable things. 

Who should take care of this?

Parents and teachers. These people can influence teens more than anyone. Parents should know social networking sites aren’t for texting, tweeting or throwing bullshit. They should learn how to advertise, how to grow a business, how to make contact with other useful organizations, how to publish useful data and the most important thing is how to make those sites better. On the other hand, teachers should learn how to teach. Seriously, it is true. They don’t know how to teach.

It is not about getting into the minds, it is about making the students feel.

Teachers aren’t bad. They just need some advancement, not a high payment. In spite of punishing a student who couldn’t complete his/her homework, try to talk to him/her. You will come to know many things which you never experienced when you were a kid or teen.

And teens, everything looks simple if you believe in yourself. Your life can become a lot better if you do what you love. No complex equations. Just do what you love. 

This is Shubham Paul and I’m a human.

Good day!

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Dreams: Wife or Girlfriend

I saved this world a number of times when I was small. From a zombie apocalypse to an alien invasion. Experiences were just awesome. And most of us did save this world. Sometimes, you saved this world on your bed, sometimes,  looking at your crush and cultivating the feeling of being heroic in front of him/her. It doesn’t matter. 

Childhood Dream

But something happens as you grow up. Actually, grown-up folks weave complicated, colorful, wonderful dreams every day. They do. But they think it’s never going to happen. They stop believing in their dreams. And they kill their dreams one by one. 

Dreams are not just dreams, folks. You feel that living in a dream world is funny or childish. That car which you use blindly was once a dream of someone. That ‘smartphone’ you use was once a dream. That pair of shoes which is looking right at you was once a dream. And people still feel it is childish. 

Dreams walk with you every time. They don’t care about who you were last week or last year. They care about what you are becoming. They heal you every time you face bad moments. That’s why those people recommend you to remember your dreams when you get knocked down. 

People often seek motivation. They seek, they find, they feel, they lose and the cycle goes on and on the last day when they count their last moments, they stop seeking motivation and say, “What if I could’ve done that? Then my life would’ve been totally different.” They realize the power of their dreams when they can’t do anything. 

So, dream. Just dream. 

The motivation may make you work. But a right work motivates you every time.

Dream. Execute. Hustle.

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10 Years Window

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine not to close but a friend of mine and since I’m worried about my future, I asked him something, “Dude, what sort of person do you want to be after 5 years from now?” He replied, “I’ve got a decent job. I’ll keep working for that corporation and it’s pretty safe. You know like, no risks, on-time payment, privileges, job security…” I said to myself, “Damn! I’ve not taken any job interview, haven’t seen even a single interview question, I don’t even know how an interview cell looks like and here I’m trying to figure out how to help others, huh?”

There are moments come in your life when you need to be alone and just have to focus on yourself. You need to realize what you’ve done so far and what you really need to do. But still, I try to find fun every time. Whether I’m at the gymnasium or working on my ongoing (turtle pace) projects, I always make jokes about my situation and sometimes about others (I’m sorry). I get angry sometimes along the way and become a serious guy sometimes (1/10).

I know there are people like me who are exactly in the situation which I’m in. If you are a student, going to graduate this year like me (if everything goes well) and haven’t figured out what you really need to do then I suggest you complete all of your pending tasks. Could be a project or any other activities. Because once you complete those you will have a feeling of accomplishment and you are ready to take more challenges. And if you have already completed, talk to people. Just talk to people. Especially old ones. Start reading other people. It will definitely help you. I did. I do. And I love it.

(I’m angry now…)

I spent a huge amount of time in the education system. And the thing is, it has never taught me how to use the money. It teaches how to make money but never teaches you how to use it. That’s why most of us seek jobs where they are highly paid irrespective of the kind. F***ing money-seekers! Go out and just look at people who are working for others with no money. Those people who fight against the society to change millions of lives. Those don’t want money. Those want to help. And you dumb sick, want a secure job? I don’t want to talk about it now.

So, those who are like me, focus on this 10 years window of your life. Don’t wish for a ‘fat whip’ or ‘fast bucks’. Just work. Just do what you love. Just close your eyes for 10 years and work. Yes, you are going to regret many things. Things which you sacrificed but it will be worth in the end. Your future will look a lot awesome when you realize that you need to focus on your shit.

Humans are tend to listen to other humans who have achieved great things. Poor humans! So, listen to this.

Please, I request you. Please, understand your motives. Don’t give a shit about his/her skills. Because Bruce Lee once said,

I’m not afraid of the man who knows 10,000 kicks and has practiced them once. I am afraid of the man who knows one kick and has practiced it 10,000 times!


Now go out and seek great ideas. Even I need to find something.



A Good Season

There are three kinds of people living on this blue planet. The first kind of people is pretty interesting. People who know things and are winning because they failed at many things years ago. Let’s not talk about those people because they are living their lives to the fullest. Now, there is another kind of people who know they want to do something but they are not winning. And I believe most of us belong to this kind. I’ll talk about this kind soon. But before that, there is the last kind of people who don’t want to do anything about anything and complain all the time. From climate change to heavy traffic. From the constitution of the country to movies. They complain about everything. And they are pretty boring. Like just complain about the things they experience and doing nothing to change. Let them do. That’s where they belong.

I’m interested in the second kind. These people are real winners because they know what they are doing and have discovered one fact and that is they may not be winning today but a good season is coming. That’s why they wake up every day with determination. These people taught me many lessons. They are patient, disciplined and hard working. They may not have talents but they work hard.

10 Years of

Now I know every great vision takes time. A great vision takes many years to be in real shape. And it is a lot of hard work. There is absolutely no overnight success unless you won a big lotto shit.

10 Years of (1).jpg

Instant coffee? Yes, of course.

Instant success? Never.

Keep working and don’t lose faith. You might have tried it months ago and you failed miserably but don’t worry. Get up and try again. Fail again. Get up and try again. And do help others to achieve what they want.

Your good season is coming…

Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on LG


Happiness: 99.9% Is Not Enough

Happiness (1).jpg

I genuinely don’t believe in 99% or 99.9% happiness. It’s either 0% or 100%. People who often claim they are ‘kind of’ happy are the most miserable humans living on this beautiful planet. They don’t even know whether they are fully happy or not. There are a lot of factors which influence your happiness. Like, what you do, what you eat, whom you spend time with, your ambiance, your clothes, your perfume, your shoes, your personal vehicle, kinds of music and videos, gadgets, and other activities. No matter what, these have a direct effect on your mood.

Most of us hate ‘Monday morning’. And that’s not a problem. Who would work which he/she doesn’t love after an awesome holiday? That’s why people seem upset on Monday mornings and seem exciting on Friday evenings. A general human behavior. What if you carry the energy level which you have on Friday evenings to Monday mornings? Then the life would be so exciting, no? This is pretty true. Do you not trust me? Good. Then do a little research. You don’t need to talk. Use any public transport, grab a place from where you can see more number of people (I prefer the mid-row) and just watch them. Most of them would be looking deeply at their ‘smartphones’ as if their brains are programmed to focus on those phones only. Poor machines! Folks, please tell me. Do you use your phone when you are super happy? If you do, you are a patient. But I don’t. I smile. A lot. May seem crazy sometimes but nobody cares.

Happiness comes from you only. If you want to keep your spouse or family happy, you must learn how to be happy. Because folks, when you are happy, you make others happy. Your business can grow up. Your relationship can become a lot healthier. You can talk better.

No worries, folks! No worries.

Spread the happiness like the T- Virus.

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P.S. For those who don’t know a shit about the T- virus, kindly click this. Pile of Poo on Apple It is inside it.


Life; Explain Briefly

I’ve been taking exams for many years. And I always try to find something good in test papers and haven’t got anything except the quality of the paper’s material. No problem. I close my eyes and take the exam. After a few minutes of deep thinking, I always encounter a question which has ‘EXPLAIN BRIEFLY’ kind of words. They expect students to explain a thing in a brief manner. According to Cambridge dictionary, the meaning of those words are as follows:

Explain:  to make something clear or easy to understand by describing or giving information about it.

Briefly: using few words or without giving a lot of details.

Now, a student like me thinks how to make this thing happen. If you write briefly, no good marks will be given and if you explain it, then folks, you are not fit for the education system because you have no common sense.

Middle school boy in class.
Photo: Google

But in light of that sort of questions, life is full of ‘EXPLAIN BRIEFLY’. Break a vase and you need to tell your mom why it happened and you shouldn’t talk too long because by doing this, she would feel you are lying. You couldn’t complete your homework last night because you were painting but can’t explain it briefly to a teacher who doesn’t care about your painting. There are many which you can easily find.

What I want to say is this has a direct connection to what you do. You have a limited amount of time. You need to decide whether you want to live an average life or not. Many would say, “This guy doesn’t make sense. I’m happy with my average life. It’s peaceful.” For those who feel like this, there is a question for you.

Why do you care about when Kim Kardashian buys a new car? 

Folks, you’ve one life. Only one. No reborn shit. You need to figure out what you need to do in a limited amount of time. It’s going to take time, but don’t stop until you find what you love and start working on it. You have to explain what you are by doing good things but in a limited time.

Stop making bullshit; Talk less; Do more

Because you don’t have to answer everyone… 

Winking Face on Apple


Please Evolve, Folks!

We are living in a world, where people are more focused on capturing their smiles than living the moments. A world where the level of happiness depends on the number of likes. A world where smartphones use stupid humans and that’s why we call them ‘smartphones’. And there is one more serious disease called tagging. Let’s not talk about this. Everyone will stand against me.

Forget all the cell phones, books, videos, songs, talks, complicated equations and just focus on one thing. And that is what you are now is the result of whatever you have done till now. Your actions are connected. What you eat, what you feel, what you say, what you see, what you think, what you do, everything is connected. And this connection reshapes us everyday without our knowledge.


The sheer beauty of this is more wonderful than our imagination. We imagine the future every day because we are afraid of it. You work hard so that your family can sleep well. You check your car before every long journey because you are afraid of what if something happens at 90 Kph. You check your stationery before any exam because you imagine if something goes wrong. And it is necessary. Without this essential fear, we can’t build the future. From your pen to taking a test, everything is connected.

Rejections, setbacks, bad breaks, disappointments, failures, loses are connected to you. It’s not the time to memorize what you have lost. It’s the time to cherish what you have gained so far. It’s not the time to remember people who left you. It’s the time to celebrate with your loved ones. It’s not the time to focus on what went wrong. It’s the time to start fresh and with more power. Everyone has lost something. Everyone has faced bad moments, even the people whom you admire the most. But they don’t live down there.

I want you to take your eyes away from that ‘smartphone’ and start seeing the beauty around you. Stop using the messaging service, and go out and help people. Help that old lady who can’t lift the bag full of groceries. Help that old man whose moped is not starting. If you aren’t doing anything like me then you can help people. See people. Watch their actions. And understand that everyone and everything is connected.

By the way, if you seek likes on your snaps, worry about your pic on social networking sites, spend too much time checking your phone even before any meeting, and let others decide your level of happiness. Then, you are a SHIT.

Everything is connected.

One life. Live well.