National Register of Citizens: A Way to Segregate Illegal Immigrants From Original Inhabitants

The vagrant illegal immigration into the Indian State of Assam is an issue that has been going on unchecked for decades with a wide socio-cultural, demographic and geopolitical ramifications. The process of preparation of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in … Continue reading National Register of Citizens: A Way to Segregate Illegal Immigrants From Original Inhabitants

Indian Modernism: आधुनिकता या फिर नकल करने का घातक प्रयास

खैर, शुरुआत मैंने हिंदी में की है तो आशा करता हूँ , यहाँ सभी पाठक भारत से संबंध रखते होंगे अथवा १ प्रतिशत ऐसे भी होंगे,जिन्हें सर्च इंजन ने यहाँ धकेल दिया होगा| शीर्षक देखकर आपको पता चल ही गया … Continue reading Indian Modernism: आधुनिकता या फिर नकल करने का घातक प्रयास

GST Reform: The Bigger Picture

GST is not merely a product of objective analysis. The national debate on its implementation is a case in point i.e. to be weighed upon a broader taxation policy perspective. The question at stake is the viability of taxation policy in the whole, which is a dire reflection of the economic policy, highly apprehended by the duties of a state. As per reports, India’s present GDP- tax contribution is merely 18% which is miser in comparison to that of the developed nations i.e. 30%-40% and that of other developing economies i.e. 23%- 26% for Mexico, Brazil and South Africa resp. … Continue reading GST Reform: The Bigger Picture

How internet shutdowns impact our civil liberties

We receive this comment few days back “I’m Yaqoob from Jammu and Kashmir. Here everything including internet is blocked/banned, probably because of our social media activities. We kashmire sometimes use social media to upload our victimised stories .but Indian government do not like this, she is afraid of getting exposed in worldwide. Please-please help us …” And this compel me to write on this sensitive issue.. Imagine this situation. A region of the country is deeply annoyed with the actions of the government. There are plans for widespread and aggressive protests. The government fears that the protests might turn violent. … Continue reading How internet shutdowns impact our civil liberties

Western Musical Instruments Have No Place Here


India has imposed 28% GST on Western Musical Instruments. This will include the VIOLIN but NOT the HARMONIUM.

While the Harmonium is an 18th Century creation of Alexander Debain in France, and later imported to India. Also the Piano itself is a combination of various influences including that of the antique Dulcimer (the same parent as the Santoor), and the Harp (which is also an instrument that was common in the ancient trading world and found even in Southern India).

This idea of ‘Truly Indian’ and ‘Truly Western’ is brimming with doubtful origins and mixed histories in many cases. The correct approach is to look at the educational and holistic benefits of instrumental learning for children and adults and review the tax slabs rather than get into biases.

Today SOCIAL MEDIA platforms have unearthed a plethora of musical talent. YouTube sensations are now making it into mainstream festivals and events and new Continue reading “Western Musical Instruments Have No Place Here”

How “RIGHT TO PRIVACY” Impact AADHAR & LGBT Community (Under Section 377 OF IPC)

In a landmark judgment, a nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court today unanimously declared that right to privacy is a fundamental right. “The right to privacy is protected as an intrinsic part of the right to life and personal liberty under Article 21 and as a part of the freedoms guaranteed by Part III of the Constitution,” the court said. The court also overruled two of its earlier judgments to the extent that they said that right to privacy is not protected by the Constitution. Why The Case The question whether right to privacy is a fundamental right was referred to the … Continue reading How “RIGHT TO PRIVACY” Impact AADHAR & LGBT Community (Under Section 377 OF IPC)

Reviewing The Triple Talaq Verdict

On August 22, 2017, the Supreme Court of India proclaimed a verdict, wherein the misuse of triple talaq practice prevalent in the Indian subcontinent was criticized and ruled against. Primarily, the practice, which is presumed to be discriminatory and unjust to women, stands struck down by the Hon’ble Court on account of its misuse and violation of the fundamental rights doctrine. Howsoever, this welcoming judgment had to take a detour to arrive at its finding, clearly evident from one of its constructive reasoning, wherein it held that the right to religion cannot supersede the right of the government to create … Continue reading Reviewing The Triple Talaq Verdict

An Insane Indian Society

An article written by me, the frustrated soul, in wake of Bengaluru Mass Molestation

” The city of Bengaluru ( Bangalore) is set to witness mass protests over the recent incidents where women were groped, molested and harassed on New Year’s Eve despite strong police presence.. . A number of protests have been planned, with the first one being in front of the Karnataka High Court. Protesters carrying signs reading, “Touch me not,” “It’s not okay” and “My outfit is not an invitation,” gathered outside the judicial building, which is located next to the Karnataka legislative assembly building. .  “

You have probably heard the phrase, “We are what we repeatedly do “.

So, What Indians repeatedly do?

rape? ,  molestation? , harassment? , honour-killing? , female foeticide? ,and ?

It is our habits that defines us , not our circumstances . If you want to change your character , change your habits. Continue reading “An Insane Indian Society”

Are You VIP

Are you a VIP person? May be or may be not. But in India this word is no more. Last month the Indian government made a decision to curb Red/Blue beacon vehicle that has enhanced the feeling of inequality among the society. Someone who is considered as VIP or VVIP , seemed to be a person that is liable to get some specific amenities. Was the step right that has been taken? Can banning the Red beacon vehicle will reduce the VIP culture? I think no. Red or Blue beacon vehicle doesn`t show the VIP culture. This can be seen … Continue reading Are You VIP

Triple Talaq is a black spot on women dignity

The one of oldest civilization(Indus valley civilization) of the world that was used to worship woman, is now facing the severe problem on women`s dignity in the form of Triple Talaq. A land that has been famous for its religious diversity, is now in the fist of religious rigidness. The minority women in India are facing the problem of Triple Talq. Triple Talaq is a process in muslim community in which a husband can give divorce to his wife just by chanting word “Talaq” three times. This is something like their marriage ritual where husband gives his accent three times … Continue reading Triple Talaq is a black spot on women dignity

Why naming cities after airport is a bad idea? (Pun)

Originally posted on The Boring bug:
The scourge of renaming streets, avenues, alleys, and cities is not unprecedented, neither is the idea of renaming an airport. However, what is unprecedented is renaming an entire city after an airport. To rename the airport of a city, you could just rename the city? It is trite to say that there is no absolute protection against such extreme reclassification. In the present political world, the airports in the cities are named and classified after political personalities, celebrities, freedom fighters or on the basis of local political history. In order to elude any naming… Continue reading Why naming cities after airport is a bad idea? (Pun)

What India really needs: cow protection or protection of human rights?

Originally posted on The Boring bug:
I have been stunned by the alarming development in India’s political fiasco i.e. the rising vigilantism under the shed of cow protection inter alia the rise of gau rakshaks (“cow protectors”). But do we really need cow protectors? If yes, then what should cow protectors be protecting? If their pseudo-moral responsibility is limited to the protection of cows then how did this vigilantism resulted in the death of a human? I’ll limit my thoughts from the perspective of Indian constitution and a rational human. The constitution of India in its Part IV provides with… Continue reading What India really needs: cow protection or protection of human rights?