Compiled Government Schemes & Initiatives Question Bank

This is an Exclusive Prelims Special Question Bank  containing 83 Questions from various Government Schemes & Initiatives from June 2016-May 2017 to enhance your preparation level and to test your progress. You may write your answers in the comment section below. Please Note: Answer Bank  will be provided to the Interactive Participants Only via Email. Q 1. Under the National Energy Efficient Agriculture Pumps Programme: Farmers will be helped with replacing old agricultural pumps across the country with new-age energy efficient agricultural pumps Pumps will come enabled with a smart control panel, giving farmers the flexibility to switch-on and switch-off these … Continue reading Compiled Government Schemes & Initiatives Question Bank

Question Bank: Our Past (Answer in 15 Minutes )

PART-1 (5min)

1. In the Vedic society, which was the term used to denote a group of families?


2. What was the script used in the earliest Tamil inscriptions?


3. Which ports handled the north Indian trade during the Gupta period?


4. Which Tomar ruler is credited to have established Delhi?


5. Who was the Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network

of canals in India?

Feroze Shan Tughlaq

6. Which school of paintings developed independently during the Mughal Period?

The Bijapur School

7. Which ‘Englishmen was fellow of Gandhiji in South Africa?


8. Who com merited that Cripps Mission was a postdated cheque on a crashing Continue reading “Question Bank: Our Past (Answer in 15 Minutes )”