Human beings are emotional. These strong feelings are controlled by your mind and body altogether. Feelings which are so powerful that you can’t hinder them bursting out of your face. The output of these is powerful enough to make you do anything as if you have consumed a magical potion. No matter what you do, you can’t control them. For example, a man is happy now for some reason. Happiness is an emotion. The architecture of his face is different now for obvious reasons. That is what that emotion does. Now, he is so happy that he makes a promise which he can’t keep. Everyone has done that. You decided to do that just because you were happy.  


The same thing happens when you are sad and it is worse folks. Trust me. It is way worse than making any decision when you are super happy. I’m not interested in happiness because nowadays, it is very rare and only a few of us possess it. Either people are sad or pseudo-happy. The choices you make is what lead you. And being miserable creatures, we always make choices when we are sad or hurt. Stop right here if you haven’t done that. You decide to break the relationship after a fight, you decide to pull out your money when stocks go down, you decide to stop talking when you are hurt, you decide to stop eating when you fail at something, you decide to stop singing when someone criticizes you and a lot of other choices. 


Emotions are really impressive because they reflect your mood. It’s always good to show emotions to your loved ones. But sometimes, they are destructive. They weaken you when you need to be strong. You must make a mental blueprint of what you are willing to achieve and there should be no room for emotions. Your empire must be sympathetic but never let your emotions drive you. Emotions look good in parties and bed. Not in business. And here, everyone has a business to do. The definition is different but the value is the same.  

Redefine emotions for yourself. Everyone is different. Everyone feels differently. 

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Women And The Society

Have you heard men talking about the driving skills of women? I have. A number of times. It’s not the mindset. It’s the lack of knowledge that those who say have. No point in arguing with them. My mom drives too. And she doesn’t care.

People who dare to do extraordinary things will keep doing, no matter what others say.

Blaming others is one of the characteristics of human beings. It is in our nature to blame and criticize those who are inferior to us. They think women are inferior. As a matter of fact, the whole universe can prove that the possessed thinking of this society is merely a false belief.

Truly speaking, if you can create things, then you can destroy them too. And the same applies to women. Their behaviors are so wonderful and vivid that one can be lost in the woods of their thoughts.

You don’t need an infinite series of trigonometric functions which is pretty periodic in nature and doesn’t make any sense because it is infinite with the periodicity to understand them. Their behaviors are like arithmetic functions which are cool and simple. But one can misunderstand this by thinking that having simple things is not the nature of them which again proves that the simplicity is the best choice.

Shopping is what they like. I honestly and heartedly admit that. It is not the things that attract them, it is the culture which they find at those places. And we, men, get bored and frustrated easily because that culture is invisible to us. Fortunately, the universe gives us the same culture in other things. That’s why some of us like molesting women and worse, …

It is absolutely unwise to say that men are different from women. Their behaviors may be, but the true nature lies within each of them. The society calls it humanity which is unwillingly called because it wants to prove that it is good.

It would be improper if the society is blamed though it should be because of not the acts but of the belief system. A society which has humans in the form of men and women but no humanity in any form. But the truth is, the truth is hidden. And we all seek it every day. That truth is unattainable. That truth is built on the foundation of lies. The lies that we say to ourselves every day. But we, together, can forge wonderful things that this universe is yet to see.

No need to seek that truth. Discover one simple fact and that is, women are just wonderful. 

At last, we are the society.


A Good Season

There are three kinds of people living on this blue planet. The first kind of people is pretty interesting. People who know things and are winning because they failed at many things years ago. Let’s not talk about those people because they are living their lives to the fullest. Now, there is another kind of people who know they want to do something but they are not winning. And I believe most of us belong to this kind. I’ll talk about this kind soon. But before that, there is the last kind of people who don’t want to do anything about anything and complain all the time. From climate change to heavy traffic. From the constitution of the country to movies. They complain about everything. And they are pretty boring. Like just complain about the things they experience and doing nothing to change. Let them do. That’s where they belong.

I’m interested in the second kind. These people are real winners because they know what they are doing and have discovered one fact and that is they may not be winning today but a good season is coming. That’s why they wake up every day with determination. These people taught me many lessons. They are patient, disciplined and hard working. They may not have talents but they work hard.

10 Years of

Now I know every great vision takes time. A great vision takes many years to be in real shape. And it is a lot of hard work. There is absolutely no overnight success unless you won a big lotto shit.

10 Years of (1).jpg

Instant coffee? Yes, of course.

Instant success? Never.

Keep working and don’t lose faith. You might have tried it months ago and you failed miserably but don’t worry. Get up and try again. Fail again. Get up and try again. And do help others to achieve what they want.

Your good season is coming…

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Happiness is inside us, next to us, in front of us; wishing you a happy new year 2018

Are you happy or grumble about what you want and do not have yet? Are you experiencing your happiness every moment, feeling total and blessed, or simply accusing everyone and everything because you do not have what you want, or say better, what do you think you want?

Let’s take things from the beginning. Happiness is a situation, it is not a thing. Happiness has to do with ‘I am’ and not with ‘I have’. Happiness has nothing to do with how much material you have, how many titles you conquer, how much expensive homes or cars you have. Happiness is true, it is love, it is light, it is acceptance, it is serenity, it is fullness.

You are happy if you know who you are and what you want in life. And this truth automatically brings acceptance of yourself, which is the most important basis for building a healthy personality. In turn, acceptance will bring love. And really happy is the man who loves himself.

When you love yourself, you care for self, you watch yourself. You do not let you fall into the choices of others, you set limits without making emotional rebates.

When you love yourself you grow up. Give time and space to yourself to experience, to experience, to feel, to learn. So your soul fills light, for love and truth illuminate man. And when the soul bathes from the light, it can only feel complete and calm. When you experience real happiness you feel peaceful because the soul has exactly what it takes.

Happiness is an actual reality. It is the gift that everyone owes to himself. It is not difficult to reach and conquer our happiness. Happiness is not in the difficult, the complex, the expensive. Happiness we find in simple, everyday. Many times it is next to us, in our hands, and all we need to do is look better inside and find it.

So this new year let’s leave the baggage of worries behind and visualize in the mirror the reflection of positivity inside, carry the umbrella of faith as shield beside and bid a goodbye to 2017 with a smile.

Drive the car of motivation with keys and start a new journey with control on speed, turn on the GPS of heart to search an address of happiness in 2018 and capture with mind the beautiful memories on path of life.

Credit: ©Priti C


The power of human mind is to forget and to adopt. it may be a gift or a curse. it may be a beauty or peril of the mind that it can adopt new thoughts and new ways of life easily and quickly while forgetting what it has been preoccupied with. this shows the volatile nature of human mind. it never wants to do the same thing by its very nature, it tries to juggle between too many things and leaves all actions incomplete. this is where we actually do injustice ..

injustice to that task we started .. to that task we left incomplete ..  ..

never leave anything in the middle, once you decide to go for something, just do complete justice to it.


Self administration is a key to provide the thought process of mind to do justice to the action or the task in hand.

It simply means to keep a check on the mind’s processes and help it to remain balanced and undistracted by unwanted desires so as to accomplish a particular task. the more you administer your mind, the more control you have over your life. it is not time that needs to be administered but the mind. time is a neutral entity, it simply exists without any change and it is the mind which gives meaning to it.

Mind actually needs strict and timely dispense otherwise it’ll soon find other lesser alternatives to eventually go adrift leaving all actions incomplete in life.

we need to master the art of self administration to live a simple, meaningful and a just life.

Life In The Waiting

We know life as a vibrant and active pursuit of dreams and goals. We know life as a journey and adventure. We know life as happiness and suffering. We know life as easy and difficult. We know life in all its varied forms but we usually forget and ignore one of the most important qualities of life; it is the quality of waiting.


Life is as much about action and adventure as it is about patience and waiting. When we ignore that it takes time for things to manifest; when we ignore that it takes time and effort to accomplish something; when we ignore that unless we are willing to wait and accept the silence amidst of two activities, we will forget to appreciate and enjoy life.

We are so busy running around all the time that we forget to take a simple and beautiful momentary pause to reflect and enjoy the magnificence of life happening within and all Continue reading “Life In The Waiting”

Be In The State Of Gratitude

How do we maintain a sense of Peace and Love when it feels like things are falling apart in the world or in our lives? – By taking a step back.

The key here is to gain a peaceful perspective of current events and present possibilities.

Gracefully guide the Self to a State of Gratitude by focusing attention on what IS.

Gratitude is a gift of Love, flowing from our sacred heart space ~ a timely reflection of our heavenly presence on earth.

Give thanks to the large and small, the gift of it all.

Give thanks for each new challenge because it will build your strength and character.

Give thanks for your mistakes for they will teach you valuable lessons.

I Love You

It is a nocturnal creature and its name doesn’t fit its character. And there is a human who stays up late at night and makes his/her crafts better. He/she doesn’t care about what people call him/her, he/she just does what he/she wants to just like the creature. 

It sacrifices its legs to escape from predators and can regenerate them later. The human does the same. He/she sacrifices his/her things so that one-day others will experience better things. 

It likes to spend time in dark and moist places. This human spends his/her time in silent places, detaches himself/herself from negative powers and does his/her work in silent. People may not hear his/her work making noises because he/she believes in doing not in boasting.

And the most important thing is, it is a great hunter. This human is hungry. He/she wants to eat something. Something which nobody eats. Nobody wants to. And this is what makes him/her different from others. Because being the same is the ultimate disaster. This human is unique. You might not have heard of him/her, but he/she is doing something which you have never seen, have never thought of. And he/she is going to dazzle you. Definitely.

It is a giant creature from inside. That’s why it is a Centipede. They are so beautiful and inspiring creatures. Just love them. 


And this human which I talked about, I don’t know about him/her. This human could be you or the person sitting right beside you. This person could be the guy whom you saw for the first time at the market or a waiter at the coffee shop. They don’t divulge themselves, they just work in silence. The silent heroes.

Because they are centipedes…

Inspired by nature.

D Yo Wan 2 Try Something Different?

Is there any point of working hard for something which all of them are doing?

If yes, good. Keep doing it. And don’t complain. 

What if you say no?

I genuinely don’t believe in doing what others are doing. And I know it is not easy to do. If it were, then there would be no sacrifice. I was watching Transformers: The Last Knight a couple days ago and there was a saying which goes like this.

It has been said throughout the ages, that there can be no victory, without sacrifice.

Actually, you must have found this in other parts also. Fine. So, he talked about the sacrifice which is really true. No sacrifice, no victory. But is it worth sacrificing something for what others are doing? 

Humans tend to copy each other. And this has been happening for the ages, which has become a sort of natural. We go to school and are taught to do exactly same what other students are doing. Even if you try to do something different, they make you do exactly the same what that student is doing who is in the front of the line (‘The brightest student of the class’).

Let’s come to the parenting section. Get good grades and you’ll be ahead of the neighbor’s kid. Ha. I’ve never got this concept. And I would never. I don’t want to speak more about it because I don’t want. But if you watch Formula 1, the scene is totally different. Those teams, they focus on their own crafts. They don’t find ways to beat their rivals. They find ways to make their F1 cars better everytime. Then, is it too difficult to adapt their culture?

I just want to see people who approach a game in a totally different way. Because when you do this, you will find the ways which don’t work. I call them “The Boring Ways”. After a number of trials, you will find a way which is way different from others. That is “The Golden Way”.

giphy So, whatever you are trying to do, make sure you will do it in a different way. A way which you can think of. Try different things all the time. Don’t try to add a tablespoon of salt in your coffee. Trust me, it’s horrible which I accidentally did and experienced the sheer and rich taste of the coffee.

Always be the hungry wolf. And never live inside the room. Go out and see things which can’t be seen from the room.


Live well, humans. 

They Were Poor, But Happy

A couple of days ago, when I was working out, I peeked out of the window for a little time. I didn’t expect anything from the scene outside. But I happened to see a small boy with a lady. They were very poor but weren’t begging. They were sitting outside a park, under a tree. The evening was beautiful and charming. So did the lesson.
I saw the boy sitting on the dusty ground playing with his crafts. He had a stick, a broken one, a stone and a slightly bigger one also. The lady was sitting right beside him, watching his actions constantly. I still don’t know, whether she was his mother or not but she seemed. So, this boy was playing a game of cooking (as far as I know about cooking). He would stir every time and whenever he would stop stirring, he would blow the stone gently and then serve it to his mother. The mother would take it respectfully every time and have a sip from it. This thing happened for a number of times. And whenever she finished taking the sip, he smiled at her and started doing his work again. And whenever he smiled, she smiled.
And they really made me think. There are only a few people on this planet can do that. They came from nowhere. As I was staring at them, wondering and wishing if I could help them to make their lives better. But somehow which I don’t know how, I controlled my emotions which my dad taught me because emotions make you weak. Even If you want to help others and you are emotional, you are out of the game. Your work doesn’t need your emotions. It needs your commitments. Fine. Let’s get back to me again. So, I left the window and went back. But I didn’t stop thinking about them. After a couple of minutes, I rushed toward the window to see them again. I didn’t find anyone there.

Then I realized one simple fact. And that was, happiness can’t be found. And trust me, it’s not something magical that only a few of us can have. I see people every day who have heavy pockets but broken. The boy and his mother were poor, sitting on that dusty ground but happy, at least for that moment.
So whatever you are doing, make sure it is making you happy. And if it is not, I recommend you to immediately stop doing that and take a break. Rethink and then start something different.

Because this world doesn’t need miracles, it needs happy people.

Success In Becoming You

If I try to be like him, Then who will be like me?


To be what we are,
and to become what we are capable of becoming,
is the only end in life.

An individual who doesn’t know his place and how he can contribute to the betterment of humanity cannot pursue any grand goals and achieve them.It takes a change in perspective and vision to look beyond oneself to make a difference in the world. Continue reading “Success In Becoming You”

The Other Side of Positive Thinking

You are born wise. Despite not knowing all the answers, you don’t talk or argue back. Thereafter you grow older and impregnate yourself with negative thoughts. Thoughts full of “I can’t(s)”, resultant blocking your own good, frustrating and limiting yourself.

When you block your thoughts with negative(s), you end up creating obstacles, impediments and delays in your life. Ending up denying the intelligence and wisdom residing within yourself.

The provoked negative thoughts often manifest themselves into the emotions of fear, anger, rage or greed. Effectively when attracted by such thoughts, we convince ourselves of being surrounded by destructive situations. Emancipating the start of a vicious cycle.

Unknown to ourselves, lies within us- the never ending wisdom and a rationale universal to all. The knowledge to attract positive forays. Somewhere in between lies the ability to break this vicious cycle. The other side of positive thinking.

Everyone has forays of troubles, problems and own set of issues. Problems unique to themselves. One from which everyone wants to sail through without being hampered or thrashed upon. Yet, there resides within ourselves the ability to resolves issues with our will alone…

What can you do to stay positive and release yourself from the trap of the other side?

  1. Stop judging, and blaming: I tend to not judge people and this has helped me tackle many of the issues ranging from failures to unemployment.
  2. Talk to people (Occasional ranting can help at times): I am an introvert by nature, yet I take time out to talk to the walls, or listen to my family and friends. Talk about things that you want to manifest in your life. This will increase your motivation.
  3. Meditation: Whenever faced with a palpable situation heavy breathing and meditation helps you to calm down. Because when you are under a lot of stress it is easy to lose control over the situation and start thinking negatively.
  4. Learn to “let go”: People often fail to let go of things. Remember, unless you don’t let go of the thing hampering your thoughts, you cannot move beyond the other side of positive thinking.
  5. Follow your hobby: Every person has a hobby which varies from sketching, playing sports or equipment, cooking, or even staring at the walls for indefinite time. Following your passion after work hours will keep you calm, relaxed and your mind sharp.
  6. Look for motivation: Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good. Whenever you feel down, read a motivational book, a success story, read your favourite inspirational quotes, or just listen to your favourite song. I tend to take inspirations from obnoxious insignificant things. Sometimes I get motivated by watching a cow cross the road, or by hearing the rant of a stranger.
  7. Love and appreciate yourself: You cannot stay positive if you do not like yourself; or put yourself down; or if you do not treat yourself with love and care. Positive thinking starts with accepting yourself the way you are and then striving to become a little bit better.
  8. Express gratitude: People tend to express their gratitude to god, parents or anyone/anything they believe in. Irrespective of your belief you will always find something to feel gratitude for.
  9. One step at a time: Everything takes time. You need to do one thing at a time and gradually move over the other.




Boringbug is a blogger, a sketch artist by hobby, and a lawyer.  His blog Boringbug is a part reflection of his ideas, experiences, dialogues, thoughts, and opinions. It can be reached at boringbug.wordpress.com or at www.boringbug.com.

Popeye and Me

When I was a little naughty kid, it was very hard for my mother to feed me because I didn’t like to eat food. I would think that eating is a waste of time and I would always allocate my eating time for doing mischievous things. But my mother did something different. She found my weakness (HOW?). She found that I would sit silent while watching certain cartoons. The top one was Popeye: The Sailor Man. Popeye had forearms bigger than biceps. Ha. It was just an awesome show. In that show, Popeye would eat spinach whenever he was defeated by Bluto. Let’s not talk about Olive Oyl. My mother would always tell me, “If you eat like him, you would definitely get powers like him and you can beat anyone like he beats Bluto.” So, I would always eat my food whenever it used to come.

But there is something that I got to know after 14 years. It is called inspiration. Genuinely speaking, I am not sure about Popeye. Whether he was motivated by Olive Oyl or spinach but he was motivated.


I say, “No matter what, you must find your motivation. It could be a person or a thing (sometimes aliens). It may seem hard at the first sight but it will be worth in the end.”

So, so, so… Again. You must find your motivation, because if you don’t then your vehicle will be moving with no wheels. It is not a magical thing that only a few of us can find. Look, I found my motivation in that cartoon character when I was a kid. If I could do that at that age, why can’t you?

We will talk more about motivation next time.

P.S. I still watch the show. It is just an amazing show.

I Do. Do You?

I feel it’s going to rain here. But more than the rain, I like the weather before the rain. Cool breeze. No sunlight. Black clouds hover all around. And when it rains, everything stops. Even the traffic. People start finding shelters to avoid getting wet like they are made of paper. But some of them, step out and start enjoying the rain. Because they are not made of paper. They are humans. No matter what, we know how to enjoy. We know the fact that rain is not going to destroy us. And with this fact, we enjoy.

The best part comes when you get fully wet and cool breeze starts. That coolness gives birth to a calmness. Even though you know that doing this could lead to cold and cough, but you do it anyway. Because during that time your heart is controlling you. Your heart is saying that this is the right time to enjoy. Trust me, there was no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. There is only present.

Then, why do we lose faith during bad breaks? We enjoy ourselves in the rain, but forget to enjoy the bad moments. No moments are bad. It’s our perception that leads to an unfair judgment. No matter what, you must know that you have the courage to follow your heart even when you feel down. We are here to make wonderful moments. Moments don’t make us.

So, stop being a paper human and step out of your comfort zone and start enjoying the rain. Because nobody knows whether it will rain tomorrow or not.


Was He A Good Guy?

There was a boy who was well behaved and intelligent. He liked to do different things every day. But one day, the situation was not favorable. He was taken from his family by a terrorist group and the family got threatened. The boy wasn’t aware of what was happening. Right after the abduction, they started training him along with other boys of the same fate. They were trained like robots. Brainwashing them, no books and no pencils. The only thing they possessed was ammunitions. They lost their childhood life. All of them. But that single boy was a bit different. Even though he got the training but his mind was peaceful. He used bullets but on dummies only.

But one day, something else got happened. They were ordered to kill people in a big restaurant. He didn’t say even a single word. The group reached there secretly (like they do) and started killing everyone. Whatever persons they were seeing, they were just shooting them. No caste, no sex, no age and no religion. But that boy was standing still, doing nothing. He was not killing anyone. He was silent. After half an hour, anti-terrorist team came in and started filtering out. Meanwhile, the boy was standing in front of a person, carrying a gun which could penetrate the skull of that person. But the boy was just thinking. All of a sudden, AT team came in, saw the boy and shot him right at that spot. The restaurant was secured. Everything was over with the boy.

After the scene, the man (who was with the boy at the last) was just pondering over two questions.

What was the boy thinking?

Should I call him a terrorist?

Think accordingly.


Are you a Procrastinator ?


Are you doing well?
May be or may be not.
You have been doing many fantasies over the years. So many dreams in your eyes. You have seen yourself in heaven for a while. Even you dream endlessly. Do off course. But are you a dreamer only who dreams so good but never wants to try. Are you one who addresses the world but never obey your words even for your own. Are you a good motivational distributer who enthralls even the dead man but has no motivation in his fist ?
Are you a Procrastinator ?
Yes….. You are.
Have you started chasing your dreams right after you thought about them. Have you sat quickly to follow your own gut before appealing from people. Have you enthusiasm enough that can give real motivation on the place of prepared one?
No or yes .
If No, then you are procrastinator.
Believe me .
You are just a faker. Someday you will be noticed.
Procrastination is the thief of the time. You start making long term dream. Then you again make long term plans. & You will able to see in future that the day never comes you have thought about of.
No doubt you have been a genius in past. No matter you are a boy with lady luck blessed  straight overhead. No matter you are the winner.
Procrastination always treats everyone in the same way.
If you are a procrastinator too, then you can get simply rid from this hidden but existed problem.

1. Dream your Dream
Recall your dream again. Tell yourself that you are able enough to get that. Work hard. You may find that the dream is far far away. But reignite yourself again. Do some refreshment of mind but don’t quit dreaming. When you feel like quitting , just prepare your last stroke. Believe me you will be near by the aim if not succeeded . & Then again one prepared stroke & you will find the Rainbow.

2. Never give up
I know the conditions are not worse than yours. But still you are alive. The greatest asset. Just one more time. Stand up.
One more time. Circumstances are myths. laugh at them , but stand once. Never give up

3. You are one piece of its kind.
Yes my Buddy. You are you. No one is here like you. Face may look alike but not the gut. You are unique. Unique in thoughts. Thoughts that are the universe. Universe means power. Means you are power.
Just find that power. Find youself. You have become He/She , Xyz/Abc , Third person. You have Lost yourself. Find yourself. You are you , indeed.

Now i hope you are no more a Procrastinator.
Are you ?

Let Go Of The Old Hurts With Forgiveness

Let go of the old hurts and wounded parts of yourself. These hurts are not holding you; YOU are holding these hurts. How can you let go if you’re still holding them in your heart?


Many of our lessons in life are to forgive ourselves and others. For many, it’s not so easy to forgive. Heck, when someone injures us; mind, body, or spirit, it invites demand for justice. Right? Even thinking about what you’re going to do or say to get even is getting your adrenaline pumping. S-T-O-P it!

Cease your internal wars and make peace with yourself. This may be the most difficult but it’s the most healing.  It’s going to take you some time to work through it, and that’s fine. If not, an unforgiving heart becomes an emotional cancer that often manifests itself physically.  Clearing of most intense experiences, takes place in layers.

It means that you will no longer carry the pain of their actions anymore.forgive4

True forgiveness brings us permanent and positive energetic change. When we forgive all wrongdoing and intolerance, we become impartial and detached from emotions allowing us to live with compassion and wisdom.

I received a copy of this ancient Hawaiian healing prayer a few months ago:

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

This simple mantra is saying that you forgive all that is held, all that you have created and you’re surrendering it.

We don’t take orders. We take advices.

People say, “Get good marks, you will get a good job.”

(Do you really think that working under someone else will lead you a great life?)

People say, “You should not drive too fast.”

(If you obey this, then how are you going to push the limit of your vehicle?)

People say, “Work hard today so that you will live an easy life tomorrow.”

(Hahaha. This is the funniest thing. Bullshit!! There is nothing like an easy life. It doesn’t exist.)

People say, “Learn what you have got in your course.”

(Now imagine Steve Jobs had done that.)

People say, “You must listen to your elders for any crucial decision.”

(What if they haven’t gone where you want to go? In this case, their advice is meaningless.)

People say, “You must work under someone before doing anything by yourself.”

(What if you are going to die tomorrow? What will you say to yourself when you are on deathbed?)

People say, “This planet owes us something.”

(It does not only sound bad but also smells bad. This planet was here first. Take care of it.)

Now, I say, “Who is setting up all these rules for your life? Who are these people telling you what you can and can’t do? And the most important is, why are you listening to them?”

These rules are useless. You got to break some rules in your life which are meant to be broken because you don’t want a life like others. If you want a great life, you must do something which you are great at. Break those rules which are hindering you from doing something great.

Will people criticize?


Will they call you nuts?


Will they like you?


So, what?

It’s better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.

-Diane Grant

I know, you will prove yourself in the end.

Be phenomenal.

Live accordingly.

I Am Destined To Win

The high achiever knows how to climb into the optimal performance zone and ride the wave of success. They know how to get in flow and allow things to happen. They don’t get in their own way and block themselves.They reach deep down inside themselves to find the magic needed to win.

You were destined to Win,
But to be a Winner,
You must Plan to Win, Prepare to Win, And Expect to Win.

It is Simple. Do what’s Right, The Right Way, At the Right Time.


But Sometimes when we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to win; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has Continue reading “I Am Destined To Win”

A Right Time…

There was a man who lived in a beautiful house with his healthy family. He was a former Navy Captain. He served his country very well throughout his period of service. He was a solidly built person with a charming smile on his face. He was doing good. He was in a business which he joined after his retirement. There was another wise man living somewhere else with his family. He was a good swimmer. He was a working person with a good personality. He was a friendly and kind hearted person too. The best thing is, both were good friends. Solid friends.

One day, they decided to go on a picnic near a river. They did. They reached the spot and started enjoying like usual. The day was good with a normal breeze. They were really enjoying. One of them went near the river and started having fun with the water. All of a sudden, he was going inside the river without his intention. The family saw him drowning forcefully and the other man jumped into the river to pull him out. Unfortunately, it was a whirlpool. Both were struggling but efforts were useless. It stopped. People gathered there. It was a pure silence there. Because they didn’t make it. They were drowned. They died… One of them was a former Navy Captain and other one knew swimming. Still, water took their lives. They had skills but still…

My question is, “How much time do you have left?” You are alive today, reading this. That’s good. You are lucky. But what about tomorrow?

I just want to say, “There is no right and perfect moment. Whatever you want to do, do it now. Complete the pending tasks today. Live the life that you always wanted to live. Start now. If you are beaten, then start fresh but now. I don’t want you to feel pity for your life when you are on deathbed. Because fear of future is the motivation which motivates us to make our lives better. That’s natural.”

Get yourself up and start now.