The power of human mind is to forget and to adopt. it may be a gift or a curse. it may be a beauty or peril of the mind that it can adopt new thoughts and new ways of life easily and quickly while forgetting what it has been preoccupied with. this shows the volatile nature of human mind. it never wants to do the same thing by its very nature, it tries to juggle between too many things and leaves all actions incomplete. this is where we actually do injustice .. injustice to that task we started .. to … Continue reading SELF ADMINISTRATION

Life In The Waiting

We know life as a vibrant and active pursuit of dreams and goals. We know life as a journey and adventure. We know life as happiness and suffering. We know life as easy and difficult. We know life in all its varied forms but we usually forget and ignore one of the most important qualities of life; it is the quality of waiting.


Life is as much about action and adventure as it is about patience and waiting. When we ignore that it takes time for things to manifest; when we ignore that it takes time and effort to accomplish something; when we ignore that unless we are willing to wait and accept the silence amidst of two activities, we will forget to appreciate and enjoy life.

We are so busy running around all the time that we forget to take a simple and beautiful momentary pause to reflect and enjoy the magnificence of life happening within and all Continue reading “Life In The Waiting”

D Yo Wan 2 Try Something Different?

Is there any point of working hard for something which all of them are doing? If yes, good. Keep doing it. And don’t complain.  What if you say no? I genuinely don’t believe in doing what others are doing. And I know it is not easy to do. If it were, then there would be no sacrifice. I was watching Transformers: The Last Knight a couple days ago and there was a saying which goes like this. It has been said throughout the ages, that there can be no victory, without sacrifice. Actually, you must have found this in other … Continue reading D Yo Wan 2 Try Something Different?

Success In Becoming You

If I try to be like him, Then who will be like me?


To be what we are,
and to become what we are capable of becoming,
is the only end in life.

An individual who doesn’t know his place and how he can contribute to the betterment of humanity cannot pursue any grand goals and achieve them.It takes a change in perspective and vision to look beyond oneself to make a difference in the world. Continue reading “Success In Becoming You”

The Other Side of Positive Thinking

You are born wise. Despite not knowing all the answers, you don’t talk or argue back. Thereafter you grow older and impregnate yourself with negative thoughts. Thoughts full of “I can’t(s)”, resultant blocking your own good, frustrating and limiting yourself. When you block your thoughts with negative(s), you end up creating obstacles, impediments and delays in your life. Ending up denying the intelligence and wisdom residing within yourself. The provoked negative thoughts often manifest themselves into the emotions of fear, anger, rage or greed. Effectively when attracted by such thoughts, we convince ourselves of being surrounded by destructive situations. Emancipating … Continue reading The Other Side of Positive Thinking

Popeye and Me

When I was a little naughty kid, it was very hard for my mother to feed me because I didn’t like to eat food. I would think that eating is a waste of time and I would always allocate my eating time for doing mischievous things. But my mother did something different. She found my weakness (HOW?). She found that I would sit silent while watching certain cartoons. The top one was Popeye: The Sailor Man. Popeye had forearms bigger than biceps. Ha. It was just an awesome show. In that show, Popeye would eat spinach whenever he was defeated … Continue reading Popeye and Me

Was He A Good Guy?

There was a boy who was well behaved and intelligent. He liked to do different things every day. But one day, the situation was not favorable. He was taken from his family by a terrorist group and the family got threatened. The boy wasn’t aware of what was happening. Right after the abduction, they started training him along with other boys of the same fate. They were trained like robots. Brainwashing them, no books and no pencils. The only thing they possessed was ammunitions. They lost their childhood life. All of them. But that single boy was a bit different. … Continue reading Was He A Good Guy?

Are you a Procrastinator ?

Are you doing well? May be or may be not. You have been doing many fantasies over the years. So many dreams in your eyes. You have seen yourself in heaven for a while. Even you dream endlessly. Do off course. But are you a dreamer only who dreams so good but never wants to try. Are you one who addresses the world but never obey your words even for your own. Are you a good motivational distributer who enthralls even the dead man but has no motivation in his fist ? . Are you a Procrastinator ? Yes….. You … Continue reading Are you a Procrastinator ?

Let Go Of The Old Hurts With Forgiveness

Let go of the old hurts and wounded parts of yourself. These hurts are not holding you; YOU are holding these hurts. How can you let go if you’re still holding them in your heart? Many of our lessons in life are to forgive ourselves and others. For many, it’s not so easy to forgive. Heck, when someone injures us; mind, body, or spirit, it invites demand for justice. Right? Even thinking about what you’re going to do or say to get even is getting your adrenaline pumping. S-T-O-P it! Cease your internal wars and make peace with yourself. This … Continue reading Let Go Of The Old Hurts With Forgiveness

We don’t take orders. We take advices.

People say, “Get good marks, you will get a good job.” (Do you really think that working under someone else will lead you a great life?) People say, “You should not drive too fast.” (If you obey this, then how are you going to push the limit of your vehicle?) People say, “Work hard today so that you will live an easy life tomorrow.” (Hahaha. This is the funniest thing. Bullshit!! There is nothing like an easy life. It doesn’t exist.) People say, “Learn what you have got in your course.” (Now imagine Steve Jobs had done that.) People say, … Continue reading We don’t take orders. We take advices.

I Am Destined To Win

The high achiever knows how to climb into the optimal performance zone and ride the wave of success. They know how to get in flow and allow things to happen. They don’t get in their own way and block themselves.They reach deep down inside themselves to find the magic needed to win.

You were destined to Win,
But to be a Winner,
You must Plan to Win, Prepare to Win, And Expect to Win.

It is Simple. Do what’s Right, The Right Way, At the Right Time.


But Sometimes when we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to win; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has Continue reading “I Am Destined To Win”

A Right Time…

There was a man who lived in a beautiful house with his healthy family. He was a former Navy Captain. He served his country very well throughout his period of service. He was a solidly built person with a charming smile on his face. He was doing good. He was in a business which he joined after his retirement. There was another wise man living somewhere else with his family. He was a good swimmer. He was a working person with a good personality. He was a friendly and kind hearted person too. The best thing is, both were good … Continue reading A Right Time…

The Immortals: Walking Memories

They are Immortal. They stay within us as well as surrounding us. We may push them away consciously as we move on — as move on one should! And yet, bits and pieces of them remain suspended where we were!

I remember the story of a woman who receives the memories of a man through a blood transfusion, and her sudden, inexplicable bond with him.

In real life, there are instances of people remembering incidents and emotions they have no logical reason to remember. In a recorded incident, a person who received the heart of a Continue reading “The Immortals: Walking Memories”