Life; Explain Briefly

I’ve been taking exams for many years. And I always try to find something good in test papers and haven’t got anything except the quality of the paper’s material. No problem. I close my eyes and take the exam. After a few minutes of deep thinking, I always encounter a question which has ‘EXPLAIN BRIEFLY’ kind of words. They expect students to explain a thing in a brief manner. According to Cambridge dictionary, the meaning of those words are as follows: Explain:  to make something clear or easy to understand by describing or giving information about it. Briefly: using few words or without giving a lot of details. Now, a student like me thinks … Continue reading Life; Explain Briefly

Please Evolve, Folks!

We are living in a world, where people are more focused on capturing their smiles than living the moments. A world where the level of happiness depends on the number of likes. A world where smartphones use stupid humans and that’s why we call them ‘smartphones’. And there is one more serious disease called tagging. Let’s not talk about this. Everyone will stand against me. Forget all the cell phones, books, videos, songs, talks, complicated equations and just focus on one thing. And that is what you are now is the result of whatever you have done till now. Your actions … Continue reading Please Evolve, Folks!

No Vacation

Nearly two people die each second.  Sources: Population Reference Bureau & The World Factbook (Central Intelligence Agency) The rate would be more if we were not on top of the food chain. And we do afraid of it that’s why we struggle every single minute. You get up early in the morning, though you know you have to face the heavy traffic scenario, you go out and face it every single day. Because if you don’t, you will not be paid which ultimately leads to a worse life. On the top of that, if you have a family to take … Continue reading No Vacation

Wrong Shit, Man

There is a chick once asks its mom, “Who is it flying so high?”  Mom replies, “That’s an eagle. Master of skies.” Chick asks, “Why can we not fly? We are bigger than eagles.” Mom replies, “Because we belong to the ground. And we run faster than them.” Chick asks, “So, should I focus on my running or I try to fly? Mom replies politely, “Focus on what you can do. You aren’t designed to fly.” We, humans, are so fantasized by other things that we forget to focus on things which we can control. We are being consumed by … Continue reading Wrong Shit, Man

The Unbounded You

” MAN IS BORN FREE BUT EVERYWHERE HE IS IN CHAINS” We are enslaved by the chains of life; some chains hurt our soul and prevent us from being self. However, some chains are beauty of our lives like the delicate chains of  relationships but remember, we are born free not to be tied in chains of relations, we have to break those chains that keep us imprisoned, terminate those relations which stop us in achieving our ultimate goal. we need to free ourselves, hanging on prevents us from moving forward. we need to recalibrate our life’s energy and unbound all chains … Continue reading The Unbounded You

The Last Thoughts For 2017

No Fear So, there are people who aren’t afraid of failures and that’s a very good attitude. What they fear is when they see their friends going up. When they see them going up they feel like they are stuck. Tell me, folks, do you want the shit which your friends want? If not, then why are you comparing yourself? It takes time to build your empire. Let them do whatever they want to do. Please stop that bullshit. Focus on your shit. No Overnight Success And tons of people want to become Steve Jobs or Beyoncé overnight. **** that … Continue reading The Last Thoughts For 2017

One Life; Don’t Complain

Tell me, what are you complaining about? Are you complaining about your dad who didn’t help you? Are you complaining about people around you who are alcoholic and do shit every day? Are you complaining about the sick life you are living? Man, you’ve got only one life. One life. You can win a lotto several times. You can bet things there several times. You can buy different things. But still, you’ve got only one life. What do you do after you wake up? Most of you are complaining about the conditions and the circumstances right now. You can hardly … Continue reading One Life; Don’t Complain

The Nasty Creations

Today, you are going to witness 2 unpleasant things out of many ones. People genuinely find these things bad and these are not just things, these are a part of an equation. An equation which was generated by nature many many years ago. So, here are they. 2. Pigs They are cute. No doubt. Come on. You don’t admit that. I’ve seen people who put the handkerchief on their ‘awesome noses’ whenever they see pigs even they are 100m away from pigs. They are super peaceful animals. But don’t try to trouble piglets in front of their mother. It wouldn’t like it. … Continue reading The Nasty Creations

Let Me Know When You Get Free

When do people get free? Unemployment, man. It’s unemployment. Fine. Let’s not talk about a thing which doesn’t even exist because opportunities are everywhere. Even if you run a nursery and you seem no growth but still there are opportunities which can be incorporated and can increase the employment rate. Like using electronic systems to monitor the ambient condition of the nursery. Or a machine which can sense the weeds and can take them out. But this is not related to the topic. Just said. Actually, we get free all the time. It’s the priority. The real question is, What … Continue reading Let Me Know When You Get Free

A Quick Advice: Small But Powerful

Oh shit!           Oh shit!           Oh shit! The reason you are not getting results is that you are fantasized. The reason you are not experiencing great things is that you are fantasized. The reason you are not going ahead is that you are fantasized. You focus on other people’s ambitions so much that you disregard your inner values that tell you what you really need to do. There is absolutely no harm in reading or studying great personalities. Absolutely not. But have you ever seen them talking about ambitions of other people? If … Continue reading A Quick Advice: Small But Powerful