The Secret of the Pencil

As I’m sitting on my recliner in a corner of my “writing hut,” I look across the room and notice a cup holder with various writing essentials on my desk. What stood out wasn’t the different amount of pens I had. It was the lonely #2 yellow pencil. How could that be? I remember carrying a handful of #2 pencils in my school bag to write, draw, scribble, take exams with and erase any errors I would make. I would carve my initial on my pencils before monograms was in style. As an artist, I still find the look and … Continue reading The Secret of the Pencil

Toward A Better Life: Change Everything

Check out the previous part here One of the workers’ rope was behaving impulsively as it was possessed by a demon. But there was no demon. It was air currents. The worker couldn’t maintain his balance and he got slipped. The rope was independently connected means one’s rope doesn’t affect another’s one. But he wasn’t so lucky. His ribs touched the ground first and everything became motionless. She saw the accident. All of a sudden, screams ruled the environment but nothing could bring him back. She stepped out of the scene.  She came back to her room and was in shock. … Continue reading Toward A Better Life: Change Everything

Toward A Better Life

A daughter and her father were enjoying the cool breeze on a seashore. All of a sudden she asked his father, “Who do people earn money?” Her father replied politely, “So that they can fulfil their needs, my little angel.” The girl didn’t say anything. But she knew that she was not going to use the money to satisfy her needs in the future. She was not a quick learner and somehow got a degree which didn’t amaze her. She spent her childhood in searching for means to satisfy her requirements. She didn’t find anything apart from money. She grew … Continue reading Toward A Better Life

Losing Everything… That Moment

  A couple had been married for 10 years but they didn’t have any child. They stayed with each other and really hoped that they will have a child before their 11th anniversary. Their family and friends were pursuing them to get a divorce but they didn’t wanted to get separated because of the strong love between them. Months passed. One day while the husband was returning home from work, he saw his wife walking down the street with a man. They were looking very happy. After a week again he saw his wife with the same man again hugging … Continue reading Losing Everything… That Moment

A Girl Vs Her Fate : The Night Before The Dawn

(Recap) She picked the phone and heard a voice. The thing that happened made the voice very terrible. It was a call from a man who got her contact number from the victim’s cell phone. The person she loved the most met with an accident and she lost him. She was shaken but she controlled herself. She neither cried nor screamed. She hung up the phone silently and headed to the hospital. She met the man who took the body to the hospital and he asked only one thing. He asked, “Miss, do you want to know what he said … Continue reading A Girl Vs Her Fate : The Night Before The Dawn

Because They Know The Value

  He would open the window every morning and would see the sun except in rainy days. Obviously. He would go to his work knowing that he would do something someday and would make his parents proud. He had a little money but was doing more than his capacity. He knew that he would make his goals happen someday and would make this world a better place. He was well motivated. But there was something else which was eating him from inside and was stopping him from doing great things. Unfortunately, he went into depression. He lost his appetite and … Continue reading Because They Know The Value

One Nightmare

Again it happened. I fell down from my bed last night. I had a nightmare. I don’t know what it was. It was a beautiful world, full of vivid colors. It had so many astonishing things. But there was one thing that attracted my attention. It was a sort of beast. A dragon. It was sleeping quietly, but I troubled it. I think that was the reason, it chased me. Actually, it killed the person who was with me. Some random person. But it didn’t kill me and I escaped. At least I didn’t get myself killed this time. Then … Continue reading One Nightmare

Was He A Good Guy?

There was a boy who was well behaved and intelligent. He liked to do different things every day. But one day, the situation was not favorable. He was taken from his family by a terrorist group and the family got threatened. The boy wasn’t aware of what was happening. Right after the abduction, they started training him along with other boys of the same fate. They were trained like robots. Brainwashing them, no books and no pencils. The only thing they possessed was ammunitions. They lost their childhood life. All of them. But that single boy was a bit different. … Continue reading Was He A Good Guy?

The Force of Character

On a river, a frog and a scorpion meet. The Scorpio would like to go to the other side of the river. Since he can not swim, he asks the frog who sits at the edge of the road to take him to the other shore.

How am I supposed to do that? Asks the frog. Quite simply, the scorpion replies. I sit on your back and you swim over. No! Says the frog, I would be pretty silly! You’ll stab me in the back and I’ll die. Why should I stab you in the back, asks the Scorpio. When we swim in the river, and I stab you, you will die and perish, and I will die with you, because I shall perish as well. I can not be interested in that. Right, says the frog, you’re right.

And he allows the scorpion to sit down on his back. In the immediate vicinity of the other Continue reading “The Force of Character”

The Undesired Desire of a Man; The Darkness in My Own Sex (Part 1)

” She went out with children to celebrate 26th birthday of our daughter-in-law.. So ?? you’re not  invited ?? they asked me but I refused ..not interested in all that crap.. why? why to celebrate her birthday.. she is not special ..she is a girl child.. and the undesired one.. Wait-Wait .. shocked !! Undesired?? For her Parents? No , for everybody.. who wants a daughter ?.. they come with lots of burden & responsibilities, to trash our hard money.. and  are like heavy loans which keeps on multiplying as they grow and we can never get rid of them anyway.. actually they born to … Continue reading The Undesired Desire of a Man; The Darkness in My Own Sex (Part 1)