Our Vision

Sometimes, when you don’t feel the spark in you, someone in the dugout has to ignite it, so that you will reignite the flames of excitement and discovery to expand your limits.

Twenties is the most productive time period of our life when we can do anything and everything, Some people even call it the most crucial time to make or break our future ..

Inspired by it, RT was initially started by Ritu Gaur in June 2016 as a platform for Contemporary and Motivational Writings to keep people updated with new developments around the world while motivating them to achieve big in their lives.

But today it becomes much bigger platform by engaging our readers with the most dynamic authors from all over the globe. Now we work as a team to provide you the most relevant and latest information.


They keep supporting and guiding us to post new stuff on RT and we keep on experimenting while adding new categories to our menu and this keeps us growing and exploring.




We respect all nations and wish that there were neither any homeless people nor people who cannot take care of their children. We think of a world where people would change. Times would change. That we wouldn’t be afraid of trusting other people.people would have a secure tomorrow, a secure life. Where every drop of tears may not be because of insult, neither of fear nor of pain. May our hearts open, may we learn to hope, to try. May we learn to love and understand that every person has their own identity and beauty. everyone being different is what makes them beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring..

We want more smiles on Earth..

Image result for SMILING CHILD

Let’s unite and spread this message to the world





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